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The Lumisi team will be working up until Friday 23rd December and will operate with a skeleton staff between Christmas and New Year.

For more information please contact a member of our team on 01244 30 40 30 or email

The full team will return and resume normal hours of operation on 3rd January 2017.

Product Re-Launch - Exhibition Stand

Lumisi recently helped a client re-launch one of their products at an exhibition by designing, producing and installing an exhibition stand dedicated to this product. From 3D illustrations to stand production and installation Lumisi help you develop your event communications helping you to make the maximum impact whilst at an exhibition.

For more information contact the Lumisi team to discuss your project brief.

Motion Graphics

The Lumisi team have completed another Motion Graphics video. This is a product focus video created for Outside In Sales & Marketing, a specialist consulting team focused on B2B sales improvement.

Redthorn MRP Software - About Us Video

Here is the latest motion graphics video created for a client in Preston Redthorn Ltd who provide MRP software for the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Stand Design & Build at Wounds Expo 2016 in Liverpool.

Latest addition to the Lumisi portfolio…

Latest addition to the Lumisi portfolio…

Campaign Logo & Flyer Design

The Lumisi team have recently helped a client promote their services through a ‘Try Before you Buy’ campaign.

For this project, the Lumisi team first designed a campaign specific logo which was to appear on all forms of the companies marketing platforms (Website, HTML Emails, Social Media & Printed Materials).  The logo would become a recognisable symbol for the campaign, triggering potential clients to trial our client’s software.

Stage 2 was to then design a flyer which would feature heavily online informing interested parties of the different software modules available on this campaign. The flyer was to have it’s own unique look, but at the same time fit in with the company’s branding (which Lumisi also created for the client) so that it could integrate into all areas of the client’s marketing communications.

About Redthorn

Providing practical MRP software & consultancy solutions to the engineering & manufacturing sector.

At Redthorn we’ve been developing and implementing market leading MRP software solutions for the global engineering sector for over 25 years. We work alongside our clients to create bespoke MRP software solutions which will unlock genuine business potential through increased margins, improved productivity and cost efficiencies.

3D illustrations and Final pictures of the recent Stand Design & Build project completed at ASGBI, Belfast.

Beating the Ad-Blockers...


Source - Marketing Week

With 12 million active users of ad blockers, marketers will need to think about how to use media creatively to ensure their advertising reaches the right audience in 2016.

Consumers have been blocking ads ever since they could turn a page in a newspaper or change channel using a television remote control.

Yet it is the rise in the use of ad blocking technology on digital devices which is making marketers nervous and prompting some careful analysis of how they should allocate their advertising budget during 2016.

Read more on Marketing Week

Targeting your market

The article above courtesy of Marketing Week provides an interesting insight into how a company reaches its audience and how external influences can affect the outcome of your marketing strategy.

Whilst the solutions in the Marketing Week article (link above) are correct and very useful, Lumisi strongly believe that creating a varied and targeted marketing strategy will overcome issues such as ad-blocking.  As the article mentions, consumers/customers have been blocking your marketing for quite a while, whether that was on your TV, in Newspapers or in person. Online advertising is another marketing channel which allows the intended audience to ignore the message.  It is for this reason that companies (providing any type of product or service) should avoid ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ and create a varied marketing strategy that utilises a number of different channels & forms of media.

Ask yourself this question… ‘Where does your target audience expect to see your brand?’ If there are multiple answers to this (which is very likely) then that is your answer.

As an integrated brand communications agency, Lumisi specialise in creating and developing brand identities which communicate across a number of different marketing channels which include, Printed Matter, Exhibition Stands, Websites with strong SEO, Social Media, HTML Campaigns, Motion Graphics, Online Advertising, Direct Mail Campaigns & more. It is this cross-communication between the channels that allows our clients to reach their target audience through a carefully planned marketing strategy.

For more information on our services, get in contact with the Lumisi team.

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