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The Lumisi team will be working up until Friday 23rd December and will operate with a skeleton staff between Christmas and New Year.

For more information please contact a member of our team on 01244 30 40 30 or email

The full team will return and resume normal hours of operation on 3rd January 2017.

Product Re-Launch - Exhibition Stand

Lumisi recently helped a client re-launch one of their products at an exhibition by designing, producing and installing an exhibition stand dedicated to this product. From 3D illustrations to stand production and installation Lumisi help you develop your event communications helping you to make the maximum impact whilst at an exhibition.

For more information contact the Lumisi team to discuss your project brief.

Motion Graphics

The Lumisi team have completed another Motion Graphics video. This is a product focus video created for Outside In Sales & Marketing, a specialist consulting team focused on B2B sales improvement.

Redthorn MRP Software - About Us Video

Here is the latest motion graphics video created for a client in Preston Redthorn Ltd who provide MRP software for the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Next Lumisi Chester Networking (October 2016)

No tricks, just business…

…at Lumisi Networking!

We understand the importance of building relationships with either existing or potential clients and how vital this is to your business development. After all ‘People Buy People’. Our Networking events are an excellent way of ensuring you remain in contact with these important individuals.

Personal: Face2Face communications is the most effective form of sales. Lumisi are offering an informal yet professional platform, allowing you to build up your business relationships.

Pay as you Network: Lumisi are offering ‘Pay as you Network’ events, no subscriptions, no annual fees, no fuss. Simply choose events as and when it suits you or your business.

Opportunities: Effective networking can provide valuable business opportunities, not just through the business men and women that attend, but through their clients, suppliers, friends & family. Do not underestimate the power of networking!

Stay Connected: Join our LinkedIn Group (Lumisi Networking) and continue building relationships after the events.

Next Event:
The White Horse, Chester Racecourse
Chester, CH1 2LY

27th October 2016
4:00pm - 6:00pm

£15.00 Registration
£35.00 Registration & Full Sponsorship Package
Free VIP Admission for Business Club Members

Register Now…

My 5 Days at Lumisi....

My name is Victoria Coleman and I have recently spent 5 days as an intern for my work experience with Lumisi. When I first applied for my work experience placement at Lumisi, I was certainly anxious, nervous and slightly worried. I was pretty sure that such a major company was going to reject me at first, but when they soon replied, happily accepting me, I was over the moon!

As my first day with Lumisi was quickly approaching, I was practically shaking in my boots. I had no clue what was in stock for me, after all I had never had experience in the business world. But to my surprise, eventually when the day arrived, the team accepted me with open arms and was so lovely to me. That’s when I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Monday: I straight away joined in with the “Monday Meeting” (while also pretending I knew what was going on), enjoyed a very quick visit to Slater and Gordon for a few parcels which I then had to use my *cough* great math skills *cough* for.

Tuesday: I had the chance to realise the team’s obsession with tea and coffee whilst finding out many good tactics and handy skills in the business world from Ray, the company’s director.

Wednesday: My task was easy and straight forward; to translate multiple tweets into Russian (let’s just say that Ray was quite excited to find out I can speak fluent Russian), you should go check them out.

Thursday: I got to experience a short trip down to the pretty cool storage unit, where we spent a good couple of hours making it spotless. Then towards the end of the day, Ray, Rich and I started to recap everyone Ray had told me about, including Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and some other musicians…

Friday: Mainly thinking about how the last day has approached so soon and about all the new and many useful skills that I have learnt in such a short period of time.

When I look back on my few days at Lumisi, I am faced with just one question “how did that go by so quickly?!”. The answer is simple; a close-knit team who put as much energy into the business and marketing world as they give to a first-time intern definitely makes this experience action-packed, memorable and enjoyable.

I am astounded by how much I have learnt about the business world in the last few days. As I walk away with the many new skills I have learnt, I only hope that one day I will be as successful as the team at Lumisi.

Thank you to everyone at Lumisi for making my experience so enjoyable and for all being so friendly!        



This is our tenth #LumisiInTheCommunity story in a series of articles.

The Lumisi team are often supporting local communities in a variety of ways and this is our tenth article in a series that portrays some of the great work our team have been involved in.

Following Marathon Man, The Likely Lumisi Lads, Michael Jenkins – Lumisi Work Placement, Lumisi and the Conwy Challenge, Emma into to the Business World, Sporting Black Ties for Charity, Conquering Conwy, Keeeeeep Fundraising & Ray Does Strictly is…….

Made of Stone!

On 23rd July, our Marketing & Sales Exec Richard Tallis will be running the Sandstone Trail which is a massive total of 55K or 34 miles! Here is what Richard had to say about the challenge ahead…

“It’s safe to say this biggest challenge I have taken on, to date. Please support my chosen charity for this run the Deafness Support Network I have chosen this charity after meeting their dedicated staff at various events in around the Chester area. They are very passionate about the charity and are doing fantastic things for those who suffer from a loss of hearing. Please support them by donating whatever you can. Thanks!”

Richard is also the host of our Lumisi Networking Events which help local business owners and employees build business relationships.  The chosen charity Deafness Support Network are members and regularly attend the events.  It’s at these events that Richard from Lumisi and Gill from the DSN have got to know each other, resulting in Richard wanting to run on their behalf.

Click here to view Richard’s JustGiving page to donate to this a great cause.

My 5 weeks at Lumisi (by Alex Page)

I am a student at the University of Chester and have just finished my 5 week work placement as part of my course. I managed to get a fantastic placement doing Marketing with Lumisi, a brilliant company within the heart of Chester. I was extremely nervous about starting this placement but from the moment I arrived, the team at Lumisi made me feel welcome and relaxed and my time here has proved to be brilliant and probably the most beneficial experience I have ever had!

Looking back, it’s amazing the amount of different tasks and projects I have been involved with in such a short space of time, the placement has really engaged me in a wide range of business operations and has exceeded my expectations. Some of the tasks I was involved with included; Performing a Pitch at a networking event, Conducting a Marketing Plan, Writing a Press release, database building and a whole host of other day to day activities essential for the running of a small business like Lumisi.

It has been extremely interesting to see how exciting and dynamic a company Lumisi are, the amount of different tasks; designing, logistics, networking and more, all in this small company which really is amazing and it was great to be a part of that. In addition to this, being involved in the general day to day running of a small organisation has given me a great insight into all of the little cogs which make an organisation tick. Day to day activities included, client interaction, dealing with the mail, logistics and many more.

I have developed skills in tasks that I had to idea I would be doing so really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I never thought going in to this 5 week placement that I would be conducting a Press Release about a Dent Repair competition but it shows that you never know what you will be doing during a day at work with Lumisi. The skills that I have developed here will be essential for me going forward and I aim to keep developing them throughout my career.

I would like to thank the whole team at Lumisi as they have been extremely friendly, helped me whenever I have needed and really allowed me to develop my skills and confidence.

Photos from our recent Lumisi Chester Networking event in May 2016.

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